Fixed Index Annuities

The performance of FIAs are tied to specific underlying stock indices. What does that mean? Good question. Essentially, it means your money grows according to either a fixed rate or the performance of the indices you choose – or both. If you choose to allocate your money to the available indices, your money won’t grow uniformly as with a fixed annuity. Instead, your growth will be based on the growth, if any, of the indices you have chosen. This also means there is opportunity for a higher yield relative to a fixed rate at the end of your term.

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Synergy Choice FIAs

A Single Premium Deferred Fixed Index Annuity (FIAs)

Synergy Choice – with 5- and 10-year term options – combines principal protection and tax-deferred growth with returns tied to specific underlying stock indices to become a valuable part of your retirement portfolio.

This means: You select crediting strategies in various percentages, and watch your money grow in relation to how the strategies perform. The good news is that, at the end of the year, the interest you earned is yours to keep, even if you change strategies or the same strategy doesn't perform well the next year.

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Citi Aria Index1

The index is a 100% equity index with dynamic monthly allocations to the best performing of two Citi indices, which use ESG (environmental, social and governance) scores to make their own allocations: one of these provides notional exposure to US large capitalization equities, and the other provides notional exposure to US technology equities. The index incorporates a 20% volatility target mechanism, and a performance control mechanism which limits both the gains and losses of the strategy’s monthly returns. The index also uses a dollar-cost averaging system in order to attempt to reduce market-timing risk.

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Goldman Sachs Grand Prix Index2

The Index deploys signals from well-studied market anomalies to drive dynamic rebalancing between US technology equity futures and US Treasury futures. The Index then applies a patent pending volatility control mechanism, truVol®, based on intraday returns.3

WealthLock Accumulator

A Single Premium Deferred Fixed Index Annuity (FIA)

WealthLock Accumulator – with 7- and 10-year term options – offers principal protection with the opportunity to earn an attractive rate of return that is tied to an index’s performance, without the risks associated with direct investment in the market.

This means: You select stock indices, and watch your money grow in relation to how the indices grow. The difference? When stocks drop, your money stays even. When they go back up, so does your money. Like stairs that never go down.

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75+ years of asset management experience

$1.4 trillion in assets under management

Franklin Templeton offers an unmatched collection of independent investment managers with deep expertise and specialization across asset classes, investment styles, and geographies.

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88+ years of asset management experience4

$361 billion in assets under management

Janus Henderson offers an opportunity to invest in compelling opportunities. The Janus Henderson investment teams form their own views and seek to position portfolios actively to connect clients with their financial objectives.

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70+ years of asset management experience

$1.5 trillion in assets under management5

Invesco offers an opportunity to invest with a firm that believes the best investment insights come from specialized investment teams with discrete investment perspectives operating under a disciplined philosophy and process with strong risk oversight.

Why choose a fixed index annuity?

Protection of Your Savings

Both your initial payment and each year’s credited interest are always protected against loss.

Optimized Growth

Accumulate savings for retirement by earning interest based on the fixed or indexed strategies you choose.

Tax Advantages6

You don't pay taxes on the interest as it's earned, only when you withdraw it.

Lifetime Income Benefits

A fixed index annuity can provide guaranteed income for as long as you live.

Our indices are provided and administered by industry leaders.

You have an opportunity to track the returns of indices that are provided and administered by leaders in the index industry, making your return linked to the performance of these indices. From there, the interest earned is credited based on your selected index’s performance. If the value of the index goes up during a defined period, so does the interest you earn. What does that look like? Great question. Let’s break it down with a hypothetical example below.

Do you need to worry about market uncertainty? Any financial product with ties to the market comes with some inherent risk, but fixed index annuities register low in terms of risk. The initial money you put into this annuity type is not actually invested in stocks or bonds. The index strategy options of the product will never result in negative interest credited to your contract, which means you are protected from dips in the market when stocks – and other more volatile investment options – lose value.

Multiple ways to grow your funds.

Our fixed index annuities provide you with multiple index crediting options to grow your annuity value while ensuring that your initial payment and interest are protected. You have the flexibility to choose one – or more – index options to fit your needs.

View our products for more details about indices and strategies.

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Purchasing a FIA is



Choose your initial amount7


Select the length of your contract.


Choose your crediting strategy(ies).


Relax and watch your money grow.


Fixed annuities often have additional features so your contract can work best for you and your loved ones. Below are the major highlights. Find more details about these – and other – features by checking out our products.

Access to Your Funds

A fixed index annuity may allow you to make penalty-free withdrawals each year after the first year of your contract. You can also withdraw from your tax-qualified IRA any RMD required by the IRS after 30 days, even if it exceeds the free withdrawal amount.

Leaving a Legacy

If the unexpected does occur, knowing where your money goes is important. Fixed index annuities make it easier for your loved ones by paying the death benefit directly to your beneficiaries without the delays and costs associated with probate.

Additional Benefits

You have access to 100% of your contract value – after the first year – in the event you are confined to a nursing home or diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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Grow and protect your retirement income.

Your initial premium plus any interest earned is called your contract value. Your contract value is used to determine the cash value of your contract at the end of the surrender term, your surrender value, and death benefit.

Few retirement options protect your future as fixed index annuities do. They are designed to meet the needs of today’s retirement savers.

How does it work?

A fixed index annuity provides you with the peace of mind that any interest credits to your contract value are “locked-in” and cannot be taken away due to negative index performance.

Your contract value is protected in the event of a market downturn and the interest you earn is never lost.


This hypothetical example is provided for illustrative purposes only and assumes no withdrawals for the life of the contract. With the purchase of any additional-cost riders (if applicable), the contract’s value will be reduced by the cost of the rider. This may result in a loss of principal and interest in any year in which the contract does not earn interest or earns interest in an amount less than the rider charge. If there is no indexed interest, the value remains equal to the initial premium.

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1The Citi Aria Index (CITIARIA) provides a notional exposure to the Citi ESG Momentum VT ER Index (CITIARIV), which in turn provides a notional exposure (with volatility targeting) to the Citi ESG Momentum Core ER Index (CITIARIC), which allocates monthly between either the Citi US Tech ESG Series 1 Gross Total Return Index (CESGUSSG) (the “Tech Index”) or a basket made up of the Citi US Large Cap ESG Series 1 Gross Total Return Index (CESGUSLG) (the “Large Cap Index”) and the iShares ESG Aware MSCI EAFE exchange-traded fund. Both the Tech Index and the Large Cap Index use ESG scores provided by an external data analyst, which is not responsible for any Citi index. Citi is not involved in the determination of the ESG scores. iShares ETFs are provided by BlackRock, which is not responsible for any Citi index. Notional costs are deducted from index performance. Full details and risks are set out in the relevant index conditions.
2The Index is calculated on an excess return basis and net of servicing and rebalancing costs. A deduction rate of 0.50% per annum (accruing daily) is further applied to the Index. For more information about the Index, see The Index methodology is available upon request.
3Salt Financial Indices LLC determined and designed the methodology for truVol® Risk Control Engine. Goldman Sachs was not involved in designing or determining the methodology for truVol®.
4Henderson Global Investors was established in 1934, and Janus Capital Group was founded in 1969. Janus Henderson was formed in 2013.
5Invesco Ltd. experience and AUM as of March 31, 2022. AUM figure includes all assets under advisement, distributed and overseen by Invesco.
6Qualified accounts will not have any additional tax deferral benefit.
7$25,000 premium minimum to $1,000,000 maximum. A premium of more than $1,000,000 may be accepted with prior approval from Aspida.

Legal Disclosure

Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of Aspida Life Insurance Company (“Aspida”). Annuities are designed for long-term accumulation of money; surrender and withdrawal fees may apply on early withdrawals. Annuity withdrawals are subject to income tax and withdrawals prior to age 59½ may also be subject to an IRS penalty.

The statements and comments offered in this communication are provided as general information and ideas. They are not intended to be, nor should they be relied on as, investment, legal, tax advice or recommendations. Before making a decision or giving advice about any matter contained in this communication, agents or individuals should consult their own attorney, tax or investment advisor.

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