We’re Aspida

We’re focused on our security, strength, and agility. We protect the future for our clients and partners and add value to every interaction. We’re brand new but operate from a wealth of experience. We’re Aspida, and we’re in the business of protecting dreams.

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Our Difference

What we do really well.

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Our Culture

Our culture is driven by moxie and grounded in fun. And to support that, we hire the non-traditional and extraordinary.

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Our Community

We pride ourselves on being good global citizens. It’s important for us to give back to the community in which we work and live.

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Our Voices

Our Diversity & Inclusion Steering Council (DISC) focuses on creating a supportive, positive, and inclusive environment for employees, clients, and partners of Aspida.

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Our Tech

We build our tech in house so we can remain nimble and responsive. We execute with agility and embrace forward-thinking technology. You won’t find a fax machine here.

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Our Focus

Our priority is to help you — whether you’re a client, financial professional, or a partner that shares our passion for financial services technology.

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Our Value

Our goal, simply put, is to provide more return with less risk for our policyholders.

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Our Mascot

Have you met Speedy?

So, you might be asking yourself: “What’s with the rhino?” Well, his name is Speedy, and he represents the Aspida way. Rhinos are incredibly protective by nature, and are strong, agile, and fast creatures. Likewise, it’s our goal to protect our clients with our financial strength and impressive ability to move quickly and easily. Look for Speedy while navigating our website and portals as a guide, should you need any help along your journey.

Our Leadership

Meet the minds shaping Aspida.

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Our Partner

Ares Management

We have the trusted backing of Ares Management Corporation (NYSE:ARES).

With approximately $282 billion1 in assets under management, Ares is a leading global alternative investment manager offering clients complementary primary and secondary investment solutions across the credit, private equity, real estate and infrastructure asset classes.

Our Asset Manager

Ares Insurance Solutions (“AIS”) is Ares’ dedicated, in-house team that provides Aspida with asset management, capital solutions and corporate development services.

1. As of September 30, 2021. AUM amounts include funds managed by Ivy Hill Asset Management, L.P., a wholly owned portfolio company of Ares Capital Corporation and registered investment adviser.